Ancestor Project 

In our own unique expression of diversity, we are posting here a list of the units to which our Confederate veteran ancestors belonged. Please send your ancestors' unit designations to the Editor, Gray Rider at or snail mail to: Quartermaster Calvin Hart 4884 Victoria Chase Ct Jacksonville, Florida 32257. We will keep this list here at the Gray Rider website in honor of these Confederate Veterans -- This project is dedicated to 3rd Lt. Bugs Rogers for starting this list. Rest in Peace Southern Brother.

Confederate Veterans
Common Men -  Uncommon Valor

S.C.V. Mechanized Cavalry

 Member's Ancestor CSA Unit List

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1st regiment Ala. Cavalry
5tht regiment Ala. Cavalry
4th Ala. Cavalry
9th Ala. Cavalry
16th Ala. Cavalry
25th Ala. Partisan Rangers Cavalry
1st Ala. Regiment Infantry
5th Ala. Regiment Infantry
32th Ala. Regiment Infantry
8th Ala. Infantry
12th Ala. Infantry
15th Ala. Infantry
22nd Ala. Infantry
26th Ala. Infantry
29th Ala. Infantry
42nd Ala. Infantry
43rd Ala. Infantry
44th Ala. Infantry
46th Ala. Infantry
49th Ala. Infantry
50th Ala. Infantry
52nd Ala. Infantry
54th Ala. Infantry
53rd Ala. Infantry
55th Ala. Infantry
59th Ala. Infantry
62nd Ala. Infantry
1st Battalion  Ala. Artillery
Law's Ala. Brigade
CSA Camp of Instruction in Talladega 
Jeff Davis Artillery
4th Battalion Artillery


1st Infantry
 14th (Powers) Infantry Co. F
26th Infantry Co. F


1st Tex. Infantry
4th Tex. Artillery
4th Tex. Infantry
5th Tex. Infantry
9th Tex. Infantry
16th Tex. Infantry
21st Tex. Infantry
3rd Texas Cavalry
7th Texas Cavalry
10th Texas Cavalry 
11th Texas Cavalry
18th Texas Cavalry
21st Texas Cavalry
26th Texas Cavalry
Terry's Regiment Texas Cavalry
Waller’s Reg’t., Texas Cavalry
24th Tex. Militia
1st Texas Partisan Rangers/30th Texas Cavalry


Louisiana Partisan Rangers and
The 1st Louisiana Cavalry
1st Louisiana Infantry
3rd Louisiana Infantry
4th Louisiana Infantry
9th Louisiana Infantry
27th Louisiana Infantry
Crescent Regiment (La.)


2nd Mississippi Calvary
8th Mississippi Calvary
14th Mississippi Calvary
Wert Adams Calvary
24th Miss. Cavalry Battalion
3rd Miss. Infantry
7th Miss. Infantry
21st Miss. Infantry
27th Miss. Infantry
29th Miss. Infantry
30th Miss. Infantry
31st Miss. Infantry
40th Miss. Infantry
43rd Miss. Infantry
14th Mississippi Light Artillery


2nd Tenn. Cavalry
4th Tenn. Cavalry
7th Tenn. Cavalry
9th Tenn. Cavalry
10th Tenn. Cavalry
11th Tenn. Cavalry
16th Tenn. Cavalry
20th Tenn. Cavalry
2nd East Tenn.  Mtn. Regt.
5th Tenn. Infantry Regt.
12th Tenn. Infantry
28th Tenn. Infantry
47th Tenn. Infantry
61st Tenn. Mounted Infantry
53rd MTD Tenn. Infantry


2nd Fla. Infantry
3rd Fla. Infantry
5th Fla. Infantry
7th Fla. Infantry
11th Fla. Infantry
Fla. Special Cavalry


6th Ky. Cavalry
10th Ky. Cavalry
13th Ky. Cavalry
Field's Partisan Rangers
5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry


3rd N.C. Infantry
4th N.C. Infantry
5th N.C. Infantry
7th N.C. Regiment-Infantry
8th N.C. Regiment-Infantry
8th N.C. Infantry
12th N.C. State Troop-Infantry
12th N.C. Regiment-Infantry
13th N.C. Infantry
14th N.C. Infantry
17th N.C. Infantry
22nd N.C. Infantry
25th N.C. Infantry
26th N.C. Infantry
28th N.C. Infantry
32nd N.C. Infantry
34th  N.C. Infantry
35th N.C. Infantry
38th N.C. Infantry
41st N.C. Infantry
42nd N.C. Infantry
44th N.C. Infantry
51st N.C. Infantry
52nd N.C. Infantry
54th N.C. Infantry
58th N.C. Infantry
61st N.C. Infantry
62nd N.C. Infantry
2nd Battalion. N.C. Troops
3rd N.C. Cavalry
13th Battalion. N.C. Troops
16th N.C. Cavalry battalion


General Stuart Staff
1st Va. Infantry
2nd Va. Infantry
3rd Va. Infantry
4th Va. Infantry
5th Va. Infantry
6th Va. Infantry
14th Va. Infantry
15th Va. Infantry
18th Va. Infantry
21st Va. Infantry
22nd Va.
Volunteers Infantry Battalion
23rd Va. Infantry Battalion
24th Va. Infantry 
28th Va. Infantry
29th Va. Infantry.
30th Va. Infantry
32nd Va. Infantry
33rd Va. Infantry
38th Va. Infantry
40th Va. Infantry
41st VA Infantry
42nd Va. Infantry
47th Va. Infantry
48th Va. Infantry
49th Va. Infantry
50th Va. Infantry
51st Va. Infantry
58th Va. Infantry
59th Va. Infantry
60th Va. Infantry
64th Va. Infantry
64th Va. Militia
129th Va. Militia
151st Va. Militia
2nd Virginia Mounted Infantry
64th Virginia Mounted Infantry
22nd Battalion Allen's Artillery
VA Lynchburg Light Artillery
45th Battalion Virginia Infantry
34th Battalion
35th Va. Cavalry Brigade
1st Va. Cavalry
9th Va. Cavalry
13th Va. Cavalry
15th Va. Cavalry
16th Va. Cavalry
18th Va. Cavalry
23rd Va. Cavalry
30th Va. Cavalry
43rd Va. Cavalry.
Laurel Brigade

McNeill's Partisan Rangers

Mosby's Partisan Rangers


2nd Ga. Inf.
15th Ga. Infantry
18th Ga. Infantry
22nd Ga. Volunteer Infantry
53rd Ga. Volunteer Infantry
 24th Ga. Infantry
26th Ga. Infantry
 43rd Ga. Infantry
50th Ga. Vol. Infantry
 52nd Ga. Infantry
53rd Ga. Infantry 
55th Ga. Infantry
56th Ga. Infantry
57th Ga. Infantry
60th Ga. Infantry
61st Ga. Infantry
26th Ga. Vol. Infantry
61st Ga. Vol. Infantry
3rd Ga. Cavalry
4th Ga. Cavalry 
2nd Ga. Cavalry Regiment
 11th Ga. Cavalry Regiment
16th Ga. Cavalry
1st Battalion, Georgia Reserve Cavalry
1st Battalion, Georgia Reserve Cavalry
8th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
Phillips' Legion, Georgia

28th Georgia Siege artillery



1st S.C. Infantry
3rd S.C. Infantry
4th S.C. Infantry
5th S.C. Reg. S.C. Infantry
7th S.C. Infantry
10th S.C. Inf. Infantry
15th S.C. Inf. Infantry
17th S.C. Inf. Infantry
18th S.C. Infantry
19TH S.C. Infantry
20TH S.C. Infantry
22TH S.C. Infantry
24TH S.C. Infantry
30TH S.C. Infantry
5th State Troops
5th S.C. Reserve
9th S.C. Reserve
 Hampton Legion
Brooke's Light Artillery.
Beaufort Vol. Artillery
Holcombe's Legion
1st Co. of Old South Carolina
1st South Carolina Cavalry
3rd South Carolina Cavalry
5th South Carolina Cavalry
6th South Carolina Cavalry
1st Regiment, South Carolina State Troops
2nd Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry Reserves
Walker's Battalion, South Carolina Infantry
1st Regiment, South Carolina Rifles (Orr's)
Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment, South Carolina (Jenkins')
(1st Palmetto) Moreland's Regiment
 South Carolina Cavalry (Aiken's Partisan Rangers) (1st Partisan Rangers)
South Carolina 16th/24th Consolidated Regiment
South Carolina Infantry Robertson's Regiment


The Cherokee Legion (I.T.)
Co I Cherokee Legion Infantry


Quantrill's Regiment (Mo. Irregulars)
3rd Regiment, Caldwell Guards
Missouri State Guards
1st Missouri Cavalry
Missouri State Guard 13th Battalion


1st MD Artillery Co A
McNeill's Partisan Rangers
1st Regiment Maryland Cavalry

Combined Units

32nd Georgia/Alabama Combined Infantry

Confederate State Navy